MP3 To Plex


MP3 To Plex is a All-In-One tool for organizing and modifying your MP3 files and adding them to your Plex.


  • Analyze track gain and silence at start/end of MP3 files
  • Edit MP3 ID3 tags
  • Automatic set missing MP3 ID3 tags
  • Normalize MP3 gain (every MP3 same loudness)
  • Cut silence at the start and end of MP3 file
  • manually cut MP3 files
  • Built-in MP3 player to listen your MP3 files
  • Move files to Plex with suggested folder structure

Requirements: ~ 1.9 MB disk space; .NET Framework 4.7.2
Recommended: internet connection (for automatic updates); mp3DirectCut from Martin Pesch

Status: Release build; closed source


Total downloads: 63

Rating: 4.9/5.0 stars out of 7 ratings

Download 1.3

13 August 2023

Build notes: Fixed a bug, where MP3s without ID3-tag causes the app to crash.


Posted by manuel

Older downloads are still available for download. However, it is not recommended to use older versions. They may contain bugs that have already been corrected in newer versions. In addition, the online updater will ask each time you start it whether you want to download the newer version. The use of outdated versions is at your own risk. Show old versions

Download v1.1

3 May 2020

Build notes: Fixed some bugs:

  • Crash after right-click with mouse on track table headers
  • If MP3 player is playing and user starts a new MP3, it only loads it, but not automatically plays it.


Posted by manuel

Download v1.0

1 May 2020

Build notes: Initial Release.


Posted by manuel