MD5 Generator


This small, useful tool calculates and shows the MD5 checksum for any file you specify (you can also drag'n'drop a file).

Requirements: ~ 300 KB disk space; .NET Framework 4.7.2
Recommended: internet connection (for automatic updates)

Status: Release build; open source (


Total downloads: 268

Rating: 4.8/5.0 stars out of 9 ratings

Download v1.2

29 October 2020

Build notes: New feature: Allow Drag'n'Drop to calculate MD5 of file.


Posted by manuel

Older downloads are still available for download. However, it is not recommended to use older versions. They may contain bugs that have already been corrected in newer versions. In addition, the online updater will ask each time you start it whether you want to download the newer version. The use of outdated versions is at your own risk. Show old versions

Download v1.1

1 May 2020

Build notes: New Updater URL.


Posted by manuel

Download v1.0

28 December 2019

Build notes: Initial release.


Posted by manuel