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Homelab Hardware and Network Upgrade Project

23 December 2022

I documented the Hardware and Network Upgrade Project of my Homelab. Find out more (German only)

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Find Similar Images Project

20 November 2022

This project allows you to find similar images in your picture collection and also delete duplicates. Find out more

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New Software product: Widerstandsfarbcode

27 August 2022

Today's new software release is a small tool to calculate te resistance of a resistor based on its color code. Find out more

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New Software released: Massendrucker

14 August 2022

Today's new software release is a small tool to print serial letters in a ZIP file at once (or only specific pages of documents). Find out more

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Git Repository moved

27 February 2022

Today I finished the movement of my Git repository. I removed everything from my github repository and moved to my own Gitea repository. You can find everything now there. And of course, I added some more things (some of which were private on github). Enjoy!

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Raspberry Pi 4 OC Desktop Project

31 August 2021

Today I have something special for you: A Raspberry Pi 4 B 8 GB Desktop with PWM CPU cooler and heavily overclocked CPU - running cool and stable. Also the Pi is housed in a 3D printed case (of course with a case fan) and runs on a SSD instead of a SD card. Read the full article (in german only)

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3D printing has me

18 May 2021

I own now a 3D printer. It is an Anycubic i3 Mega S. I also registered on thingiverse, have a look at the things I share with you there.

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NoSaver - new Software

3 May 2020

Today's new software release is a small tool to prevent the start of the screensaver. Find out more

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New software: MP3 To Plex

1 May 2020

MP3 To Plex allows you to modify your MP3 files to insert them into plex. This includes editing of ID3 tags, normalizing, cutting and proper renaming. Find out more

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Website renamed

7 April 2020

This website was renamed to - also the domain changed to this. Soo you will receive updates for all software from this page, to get future updates from this new domain. Also the logos will change soon too. Enjoy!

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New Software > InstadownGUI

4 January 2020

Today I released InstadownGUI. These are two pieces of software in one. The graphical user interface InstadownGUI and in the background the Python script Instadown (will be installed automatically). It can be used to download pictures of user profiles or hashtags from Instagram. Learn more

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Software by webpage goes online

28 December 2019

This brand new website goes online today in a very classic retro design, just like many software pages used to look like in the past. I don't need an overloaded page with endless functions that no one needs. As of today, four software products are already online, where you can find the source code on GitHub for some.

Software for Windows

  • mkPass v0.4 - encrypted password manager [new] [beta] [closed-source]
  • Image Sorter v1.48 - powerful and fast image viewer, editor, sorter [new] [closed-source]
  • Unzipper v1.0 - small and fast program to extract files from zip-archives [new] [open-source]
  • MD5 Generator v1.0 - generates MD5 hash of any file [new] [open-source]

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